80 x 80mm Thermal Paper Roll (24)

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  • Thermal Paper Roll 80mm wide 80mm diameter (Box of 24 Rolls)

    Premium quality and industrial standard size suitable for most thermal receipts, kitchen and register printers.The sensitive thermal coating delivers clean, legible, and longer lasting prints. 

    Suitable to Senor TP-100 Thermal Printer, Senor TP-250II Thermal Printer, Epson TM-T82II Thermal Printer Ethernet, please see CompatibleDevices tab for more printers.

    *NO Ink ribbons required.

    • Senor TP-100, Senor TP-250, Senor TP-290

      Axiohm 7156, Axiohm 7193, Axiohm 7196, Axiohm A715, Axiohm A716, Axiohm A721, Axiohm A756, Axiohm A758, Axiohm A760, Axiohm A776, Axiohm A793, Axiohm A794, Axiohm A795, Axiohm A798, Axiohm A799, Axiohm APOS Premium II, Axiohm B780, Axiohm ColorPOS A760, Axiohm ColorPOS A776, Axiohm ColorPOS A795, Axiohm CTS2000, Axiohm CTS300, Axiohm CTS310, Axiohm CTS4000 (3 1/8"), Axiohm CTS810, Axiohm IDP3210, Axiohm IDP3310, Axiohm LT380, Axiohm RJV2000, Axiohm SRP350, Axiohm SRP350plus, Axiohm SRP352plus, Axiohm SRP372, Axiohm STP131, Axiohm TELESTO

      Bixolon SPPR400, Bixolon SRP350, Bixolon SRP350II, Bixolon SRP350P, Bixolon SRP350PLUS, Bixolon SRP350U, Bixolon SRP352plus, Bixolon SRP352plusII, Bixolon SRP370, Bixolon SRPF310

      Casio SA5100

      Epson DPU3372, Epson M129A, Epson M129B, Epson M129C, Epson ReadyPrint T20, Epson T90 Series, Epson TMH2000, Epson TMH5000, Epson TM,H5000 II, Epson TMH6000, Epson TMH6000II, Epson TMH6000III, Epson TML90, Epson TMT20, Epson TMT70, Epson TMT70 Thermal Printer, Epson TMT80, Epson TMT85, Epson TMT88, Epson TMT88IV, Epson TMT88V, Epson TMT90, Epson TMU 6000, Epson TMT82

      Extech S3750THS

      IPC TMT80AS

      Ithaca 181 Series, Ithaca 610, Ithaca 80 Plus Series, Ithaca 8000_8040, Ithaca iTHERM 280, Ithaca MODEL 181 SERIES, Ithaca Per. PcOS 80 Series, Ithaca Series 280 iTherm, Ithaca SERIES 80, Ithaca SERIES 80PLUS, Ithaca SERIES 82PLUS

      MobileChargePro T2100

      NCR 7156, NCR 7158, NCR 7167, NCR 7193, NCR 7194, NCR 7196, NCR 7445,2000, NCR 7450, NCR 7452, NCR RP,500 thermal printers, NCR Tech RP,320

      Wincor Nixdorf TH180, Wincor Nixdorf TH230

      Olivetti OST 10, Olivetti OST 10 F, Olivetti PR4 DT

      OmniPrint OM3300, OmniPrint OM5300, OmniPrint OPC5300

      Partner Tech RP320, Partner Tech RP500

      POSX EVO Green, POSX EVO HiSpeed, POSX EVO RP1, POSX ION Thermal, POSX XR500, POSX XR510, POSX XR520

      SASI Super Star POS

      Schlumberger MAGIC 9000

      Seiko Qaliber RPE10, Seiko Qaliber RPE11

      Sharp UP3300, Sharp UP5300, Sharp UP5350, Sharp UP780BP


      Transact Ithaca 80 Series

      Uniwell UX7500

      Verifone P540 Thermal Printer, Verifone RP300, Verifone Ruby Sapphire, Verifone Ruby Supersystem

      AM Documentor Thermal POS Printers

      Posiflex PP 4000, Posiflex PP8000, Posiflex PP8000

      HP FK224AT

      IBM 4610T1 Suremark, IBM 4610T12 Suremark, IBM 4610T13 Suremark, IBM 4610T14 Suremark, IBM 4659, IBM Suremark TM6, IBM TF6, IBM TF7, IBM TM7

      micros 8700, micros TM,T88

      Panasonic 5000, Panasonic SAM4S ELLIX,20, Panasonic SRP350, Panasonic SRP350plus, Panasonic SRP353plus, Panasonic SRP372, Panasonic WS 800RM

      Star Micronics AsuraCPRNT, Star Micronics HSP7000, Star Micronics HSP7543, Star Micronics SCP700, Star Micronics TSP 700, Star Micronics TSP 800 80mm option, Star Micronics TSP100 futurePRNT, Star Micronics TSP100ECO, Star Micronics TSP100GT futurePRNT, Star Micronics TSP100LAN futurePRNT, Star Micronics TSP113, Star Micronics TSP143, Star Micronics TSP143ECO, Star Micronics TSP143L, Star Micronics TSP2000, Star Micronics TSP2000 Series, Star Micronics TSP2043, Star Micronics TSP2043C, Star Micronics TSP2043D, Star Micronics TSP400 Series, Star Micronics TSP500, Star Micronics TSP552, Star Micronics TSP552C24, Star Micronics TSP552D24, Star Micronics TSP600, Star Micronics TSP613C, Star Micronics TSP613D, Star Micronics TSP613U, Star Micronics TSP643C, Star Micronics TSP643D, Star Micronics TSP643U, Star Micronics TSP650II BTi, Star Micronics TSP700II, Star Micronics TSP743, Star Micronics TSP743 ii, Star Micronics TSP800, Star Micronics TSP800II, Star Micronics TSP800IIRx, Star Micronics TSP800Rx, Star Micronics TSP828, Star Micronics TSP847, Star Micronics TUP900, Star Micronics TUP942, Star Micronics TUP992

      Cognitive TPG A756, Cognitive TPG A758, Cognitive TPG A760, Cognitive TPG A776, Cognitive TPG A793, Cognitive TPG A794, Cognitive TPG A795, Cognitive TPG A798, Cognitive TPG A799, Cognitive TPG B780

      Logic Controls LR3000, Logic Controls MP,4000 TH, Logic Controls MP4200

      Pioneer STEP4

      SquareUp Square Stand TSP100ECO , Square Stand Certified

      Fujitsu ATRIUM 9000, Fujitsu Team POS DT50

      Dresser Wayne NUCLEUS

      Sam4s Ellix 20 II, Sam4s ELLIX,20, Sam4s SRP350

      Beiyang SNBC BTP,2002, Beiyang SNBC BTP,2002NP, Beiyang SNBC BTP,R580, Beiyang SNBC BTP,R880NP

      ORIENT BTP,2002NP

      PORELON 11303

      Citizen CBM,1000, Citizen CBM,1000II, Citizen CBM,231, Citizen CBM232, Citizen CBM1000, Citizen CBM230, Citizen CBM231, Citizen CBM293, Citizen CTS2000, Citizen CTS300, Citizen CTS310A, Citizen CTS310II, Citizen CTS651, Citizen CTS801, Citizen CTS851, Citizen IDP3210, Citizen IDP3221, Citizen IDP3210, Citizen IDP3310, Citizen LT380

      Samsung SRP300, Samsung SRP350, Samsung SRP350BP, Samsung SRP350BS, Samsung SRP350BU, Samsung SRP350E, Samsung SRP350EG, Samsung SRP350GP, Samsung SRP350GS, Samsung SRP350GU, Samsung SRP350P, Samsung SRP350PG, Samsung SRP350plus, Samsung SRP350PLUSAO, Samsung SRP350PLUSAOG, Samsung SRP350PLUSAOP, Samsung SRP350PLUSAOPG, Samsung SRP350PLUSAOS, Samsung SRP350PLUSAOSG, Samsung SRP350PLUSCOEPG, Samsung SRP350PLUSCOPG, Samsung SRP350PLUSCOSGT, Samsung SRP350U, Samsung SRP370, Samsung SRP372, Samsung SRP350

      And many more…

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