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Make the selling process painless

We have eliminated every one of the most troublesome point of sale problems you face in the daily operations of your business. You can run your entire business from your iPad with our Point of Sale solution. We can link up to your current software and hardware without any hassle.

ABACUS can work online and offline. If your Internet goes down, our software will faithfully keep working for you. No lost transactions, no lost money. Happy customers and happy staff. 

Point Of Sale

Slick interface

The interface is built with a focus on user-friendliness. We don’t want you to waste time trying to figure out how to make it work. It also works on Mac, PC and iPad, so no matter what sort of device you use, it works straight out of the box.


Wireless receipt printing.

If you use the POS with an iPad, you will be able to take advantage of wireless receipt printing. Finally, your staff will be free from standing behind the counter and can deliver exceptional service right at your customers’ table.

Product Variations

Add in different colours, sizes and variations of your products without having to manually add a new product. Just select how many variations you want to add, create the variations and voila! They’ll all appear.

Advanced Table Map

Stay on top of things with our advanced table map, which allows you to merge tables quickly and easily, transfer customers from one table to another, or even split orders into different tables – all in just a couple of steps. Also, staff will be alerted when a customer has been waiting for too long, so you’re able to maintain that high level of customer service.


Multiple Discounts

Sale periods are a breeze with the Abacus POS system’s multiple discounts feature. Not only does it support discount functions for your products, it even supports multiple pricing levels for store members. It really is that simple.


Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)

Also known as kitchen bump screen, this module lets you replace traditional paper dockets in commercial kitchens with a digital display for a neater, paperless ordering system.


Table Ordering

Sometimes referred to as a “waiter pad”, this eliminates the paper and pen method of taking orders from customers, instead replacing it with a digital system on a mobile device.



Timekeeping is a necessary part of running any business. The Abacus POS system helps you to simplify the clock in and clock out process for your staff, and also generates timesheets for your accountant so you can save your time and energy for the more important things.

Inventory Management

Real Time Stock Tracking

Check your stock levels from right where you are, either via the POS system or mobile app. Monitoring stock availability has never been easier – and this is all in real time too!


Stock Management

Managing your stock has never been easier. With Abacus, your stock-in and stock-out steps are simplified into 2 easy steps. Plus you’ll be able to keep track of lost or damaged stock, which makes the financial process easier for you come end of financial year.



Loyalty Program

Promoting to your best customers is how great businesses grow. This loyalty program can plug straight into your business from Day 1 effortlessly.


Engage your customers online and offline

Do you use a traditional customer loyalty card? No problem! We can integrate that into our system. Want to upgrade your business to Web 2.0? We can help you with that too with our customisable loyalty app.

Earning points

Set how much each dollar is worth to your customers through an inbuilt conversion system.

Redeeming and checking points

Customers can immediately check their loyalty points if they are using the app loyalty program. Otherwise, their points balance can be seen from receipts. Customers can redeem their points when buying online through your e-store, or in person thanks to easy integration with posski.

Tracking loyalty points usage

The worst thing for a business is if customers decide to all use their loyalty points at the same time. Keep track of how many loyalty points remain in the system and send out targeted promotions encouraging customers to use their loyalty points at specific times.

Reward top customers

Your top customers represent the top 20% of the 20% in your business. They buy more products than the rest of your customers buy all together. They give your business the most revenue. They’re also the most loyal. Reward them and you will be looking after your bottom line.


Business Intelligence

Knowing how your store is performing according to many different metrics is an important measure of success. You can’t just go by profit and loss statements. ABACUS BI is built into the POS, allowing you to see what your best selling product is for the day, the best performing store (if you have multiple) and even the busiest time of the day. Also get crucial customer demographic data to get a clearer customer profile.


Sales Profile

Have a look at your profit and loss at any one point in time. See how you’re tracking for the day, as well as what your most popular products are.

Comprehensively simple

We looked at the most popular business intelligence suites, added in all the data sets they show and added a few more on top of that. Never has business intelligence been so insightful.

Set targets

Having targets to meet is the only way to make sure your business is continually growing. Set them through our POS system and make sure you’re on track to grow your business every day.

Accounting Integration

Connect your POS with Xero and Saasu for instant accounting integration. No need for double entry. Port over your sales, expenses, revenue and cost of goods sold through to your accounting platforms to save time and ensure a seamless business experience.

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