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Manage your business on the move, anytime anywhere

Access to all your sales data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from a remote server is one of the key advantages of a cloud-based system. You can monitor your business on any mobile or tablet device through real-time sales reporting, giving you control over inventory and customer information while you’re on the move between your business outlets, or even on vacation.



Utilized advanced integration

The technology used for Cloud based systems allows you to integrate a number of business and marketing functions into your POS system. For example, customer purchase/order on website or mobile app, the sales order integrate with POS, you only need to look at one sales report for shop, website and mobile app, no need to generate different reports and calculate manually.  Also payment can be processed from anywhere and receipts can be sent directly to customer’s mobile phone.

Our systems also now integrate with external accounting and digital loyalty programs, which are not possible on many traditional POS platforms. 



Minimise the risk

The risk of data loss through corruption and virus attacks is reduced with Cloud based solutions because everything is stored online. In addition, the cost of having to reinstall system drivers on traditional hardwired POS systems, and the loss of revenue in the downtime, can also be avoided.



Caterlord POS Cloud features



Caterlord POS Cloud smart ordering



Caterlord POS Cloud inventory management



Caterlord POS Cloud customer loyalty



Caterlord POS Cloud multiple terminals



Caterlord POS Cloud multiple stores




Caterlord POS Cloud phone ordering & self ordering

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