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Surpass Business Solutions unique and affordable self-ordering solutions gives restaurants, deli operators, and other high-volume venues a new cost effective solution. Self ordering solutions reduce errors, remember customers’ previous order preferences, strengthen customer loyalty, and significantly improve check averages through intuitive up-selling. 

Surpass self-ordering system is easy to use and manage in the back end. Seamlessly alert runners, servers, bar tenders and the kitchen when a customer places an order, ensuring orders are managed and guests are served promptly.


Key Benefits of Self-Ordering Solutions: 

  • Sales Increase. Eye-catching displays of your menu attract more foot traffic & facilitate more orders.
  • Fewer mistakes & reduced strain on your staff during busy peak hours.
  • Easy-to-use digital iPad menu software can be setup quickly and updated in real-time to change items and prices.
  • Allows guests to choose between traditional and high-tech touch screen ordering.


Surpass Business Solutions provides enterprise software and hardware, as well as set up, menu programming, installation and support services.


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