Senor cSPOS WP Dual All-In-One 15" Terminal

Leveraging on Senor’s wealth of experience and technology know-hows, the cSPOS brings the next level of innovation and precision to deliver greater efficiency, productivity and quality output.

Boasting a sleek and shiny bezel-free screen, the cSPOS complements and enhances the aesthetic surroundings whilst combining the differential advantages of a Senor product to boost commercial activities in a result driven market.

The Dual cSPOSWP offers a second display to the innovative designed of the cSPOS providing an engaging platform for capturing the attention of the customer with advertising, promotion, and motion video at the point of purchase.

While being extremely versatile the Dual cSPOSWP also provides for optimal eye catching exposure to your customers. Alongside an elegant design, the DUAL cSPOSWP offers professionalism and sophistication in features and benefits.

"Space is no longer an issue with the ultimate all-in-one POS solution, the Dual cSPOSWP. Dual Screens, Dual Functionality, Dual Benefits, Dual Results"

  • 10" Second screen  
  • IP56 rating - Certified water & dust resistant
  • Aluminium die-cast casing: Ruggedized for high reliability
  • Optional: MCR / Smart Card Reader / Fingerprint Scanner: Ergonomic design for user comfort

Collections: POS Terminals

Type: POS Terminals

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